7,777 Geese uniquely designed to unite the next generation of billionaires.


#Most Valuable NFT Project!

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The Genesis

A flock of Hawaiian geese was living in style in the beautiful ponds of Honolulu when suddenly the hurricane displaced them from their natural habitat and magically swept 7777 of them into the Metaverse. It is the year 2067 and they are ready to roam free in the pond of the grand mansion. Will you be kind enough to let out a few?

Each goose was carefully curated. It’s unique and one of its kind. Being special is why they got swept into the Metaverse in the first place.




The revelation of special character goose and their utilities will begin one after the other. (special characters will be announced before the mint date so watch out for these).

$100,000 will be donated to the community DAO immediately after mint and there will be a vote on how to utilise the funds.

$100,000 (One Hundred Thousand US Dollars) will be given out to five (5) lucky winners at on the reveal day.

Five (5) Geese woke up in a vault in the Grand Mansion, They decided to split the cash in the vault 5 ways.

Mint one of the 5 (Five) Money Goose and be a lucky winner.

- $20,000 each.

50% Mint

We will donate the sum of $10,000 to charity.​

Goose #1111, #2222, #3333, right after minting will get 1ETH EACH (look out for these numbers when you mint).

100% Mint
Goose  #4444, #5555, #6666, #7777, right after minting will get

1ETH EACH (look out for these numbers when you mint).

We will donate another sum of 10,000$ to a zoo in Hawaii to help keep geese alive and not out of extinction.​

The revelation of the actual map for Q1 2022 events. (airdrops already in the works and set to drop a month from mint date to holders, geeseverse creation, game and token development with utility in the game) In reality, we would like to explore and venture into a lot of things with this special creature and all we ask is that you come on this fun ride with us as we build a community that will stand against all odds.


Q1. / 2022 

Mint & Reveal
100% Mint and reveal of the Grand Goose Mansion.
In Preparation for AirDrop
Simultaneous Promotion & Marketing
Nonstop promotion and marketing activities will let GGM fly sky-high.

Sweeping Campaign
A motorcade of generosity. Every GGM Flock member that purchases more than 20 Geese off the floor during the Sweeping Campaign will be rewarded with free NFT's for helping to sweep the floor.

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Q2. / 2022

AirDrop 1.
Heads up!  The GRAND GORILLA MANSION  is GGM Collection 2.0 which will be launched in exactly 60 days after the Goose Launch. Every minter and holder of a Goose gets one airdropped Gorilla, one Gorilla to each account that holds a Goose from the day of minting.

Merch Store.
Roll up your sleeves. The official merch designs will be released 30 days after the Gorilla Mint. All the items will be available for purchase at reasonable prices in the GGM Online Merch Store.

Q3. / 2022

New Partnerships.
Friends will be friends. Huge and numerous collaborations are still ahead. We will set up partnerships with many more exciting projects, artists, and organisations profitable for the GGM Flock.

Grand Mansion Party.
Ready to party? The Grand Mansion Party will be held at the biggest and most luxurious Mansion in a world-famous city to be chosen by the Flock DAO. The party will be a form of physical reunion for the community members.

Q4. / 2022

AirDrop 2.
May we have your attention, please? The GGM Tokens will be airdropped to every wallet that has a GGM Goose or Gorilla.

Play to Earn Game.
Time to play the game! We will develop and launch an outstanding multiplayer P2E game. Goose and Gorilla holders will be able to play online and use their tokens in the game.

Metaverse Integration.
There are no limits. We will expand our presence in the metaverse and create a stable and solid GGM Token to shape the future of our community. All the acquired NFTs will be unique, safe and secure.

Mint a goose and allow her to roam free in geeseverse!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Our Dynamic Team

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GEESEPAPPY and POLO23 are both successful entrepreneurs who are looking to build a community that will take giant strides in the metaverse and they’re looking to start the journey through GGM. 

The other members of this dynamic team are

Asma - Media Personnel

Raaj420 -  Artist  

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